MK Copper


Copper is a primary product, which -similar to shares at stock exchanges- is traded at metal exchanges worldwide like for example the LME (= London Metal Exchange). The price for copper ist unfortunately very volatile. Due to transparency reasons trafomodern shares this volatility with its customers. At the beginning of each month the copper surcharge for this month is calculated from the average daily values of the previous month. The product prices of trafomodern consist of a basic price and the copper surcharge. A copper price of 1,53 EUR/kg is included in the basic price. If the copper price exceeds the value of 1,53 EUR/kg, trafomodern will charge the exceeding part and calls the exceeding part “copper surcharge”. The maths formula for the copper surcharge is as follows: (MK-copperprice / 100 – 1,53) multiplied with the CU-factor (=copper weight). The MK-copperprice can be seen from the table stated below. The CU-factor (=copper weight of the product) is printed in every offer of trafomodern and also mentioned in the trafomodern catalogue.

MonatPreis / 100 kg
10 2020678,89