New three-phase transformers and autotransformers series with UL-label

For manufacturing Industrial Control Panels in accordance with UL 508A, it is essential to use Industrial Control Transformers that are certified in accordance with XPTQ, XPTQ2 or XQNX, XQNX2.

The use of OBJY2 or XORU2 certified transformers always require costly and time-consuming additional tests and should be avoided.

Trafomodern has now expanded its portfolio to include three-phase transformers with separate windings (DTU) and three-phase autotransformers (DTUSP) with power ratings from 8 kVA to 500 kVA and UL certification in accordance with XPTQ2/8.

The certification of the transformer series as Industrial Control Transformers in accordance with UL5085-1 and UL5085-2 by UL is now completed.

We are happy to offer the expanded series up to 500 kVA power rating as transformer with separate windings and as autotransformer for our already existing three-phase transformers from 100VA to 6.3 kVA with immediate effect.