C4 / ZW / DZW – Screw-less terminal, Additional windings, Special accessories

Other available accessories

· Temperature control:
PTC resistor
bi-metal thermostat (Clixon – open 250 V max. 0,5 A)

· Transformer fuse terminal:
including insert 230 V max. 6,3 A
including insert 400 V max. 10,0 A

· Top hat rail adapter (retrofitting)

Technical notes

Sample order for screw-less terminal

Determination of the current:
Iprim = SN/(Uprim x η)
Isec = SN/Usec
SN = rated transformer output
Uprim = primary voltage
Usec = secondary voltage
η = efficiency (refer to table technical data)
Iprim = 500 VA/(400 V x 0,93) = 1,34 A < 20 A
Isec = 500 VA/230 V = 2,17 A < 20 A

Number depending on the terminal points:
2 on the secondary side
4 on the primary side
Order types:
1 unit STN0,5(400/230)

Sample order:
Transformers STEZ…(400 V/200 V) with 1000 VA und with 1 additional winding on the secondary side for 100 V and 200 VA. The resulting required output is 1200 VA.

Type to be selected: STZ1,3(400/200)

To determine the price of the additional winding, the current is calculated as follows:
I = S/U
I = current
S = apparent output of the additional winding
U = voltage of the additional winding

I = 200 VA/100 V = 2 A = +ZW16

For the additional winding on the secondary side,
the correct type affix reads:
+ZW16S(100 V/200 VA)

5 additional windings on the primary and/or secondary side can be ordered. Additional windings on the primary side on request.

Suitable forOutput range ATypeprice per unit (old) Europrice per unit Euro
Screw-less terminal
for primary currents up to 20 A or 4 mm2
STZ, STEZ, STENE, ET+C41,11,10
Additional windings
for single-phase transformers
< 16+ZW16S(*V*VA)8,28,50
for three-phase transformers
< 16+DZW16S(*V*VA)12,212,70

*) single-phase additional windings up to three-phase transfomrers DTZ, DT, DTF on request.

optional accessoryprice OLD Europrice per unit Euro
Temperature control PTC resistor40,842,40
bi-metal thermostat (Clixon - open 250 V max. 0,5 A)16,517,10
PT100 sensor186,9194,20
including insert 230 V max. 6,3 A4,24,40
including insert 400 V max. 10,0 A8,79,00
Top hat rail adapter (retrofitting)5,15,30