EEB / DEB – Inrush current limiter

Technical notes

1)Primary current: rating plate of the transformer or by calculation

single-phase: In = Sn/(UNprimx η)

three-phase: In = Sn/(√3 UNprimx η)

Sn = Rated transformer output
UNprim = primary rated voltage of the transformer
η = efficiency (refer to table Technical Data)

* For separate orders always indicate the relevant transformer type and its technical specifications

Primary current1) In ASuitable forType affix Order no. if ordered together with basic applianceType*, Order no. for separate orderPrice per unit old EuroPrice per unit Euro
for single-phase transformersPrice on requestPrice on request
1STENE STEZ STZ+EEB1 226101EEB1 226102
2ET+EEB2 226103EEB2 226104
3ET+EEB3 226105EEB3 226106
5ET+EEB5 226107EEB5 226108
7ET+EEB7 226109EEB7 226110
10ET+EEB10 226111EEB10 226112
15ET+EEB15 226113EEB15 226114
18ET+EEB18 226115EEB18 226116
20ET+EEB20 226117EEB20 226118
30ET+EEB30 226119EEB30 226120
for three-phase transformers
1DTI DTZ+DEB1 226121DEB1 226122
2DT+DEB2 226123DEB2 226124
3DT+DEB3 226125DEB3 226126
5DT+DEB5 226127DEB5 226128
7DT+DEB7 226129DEB7 226130
10DT+DEB10 226131DEB10 226132
15DT+DEB15 226133DEB15 226134
18DT+DEB18 226135DEB18 226136
20DT+DEB20 226137DEB20 226138
30DT+DEB30 226139DEB30 226140